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Washburn High School
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Washburn High School

Washburn High School
Washburn High School


Washburn High School - is scheduled to undergo major renovation and vertical expansion starting in 2018 as outlined below. To receive periodic updates on project milestones and other news, sign up to receive e-alerts

SCHOOL LOCATION: 201 West 49th Street – Minneapolis, MN


October 12, 2018: Construction is substantially complete.  Work on the landscape is ongoing and is scheduled for completion by the end of October.

August 24, 2018: Construction at Washburn High School has been rapidly progressing throughout the summer. The General Contractor took on a very aggressive construction schedule in order to deliver on the project scope over the summer break.

The work continues and the areas in the existing building will be completed by the time school begins. The science classrooms (4) and regular classrooms (1) on the 2nd floor of the addition will be ready for students beginning the week of September 10. Classrooms in the existing building have been identified for use during the time the construction progresses.

Work for the contractor will be shifted to limit impact to learning. Most work will be completed evenings and weekends.

July 19, 2018: Construction crews have been working at an extreme pace to complete project by the first day of school, which will include work on Saturdays to accommodate this schedule. Weather issues have caused a slight delay for work on the 2nd floor. Exterior walls are completed with windows being installed next week. Interior work underway as well. 


  • Washburn High School is scheduled to undergo major renovation and vertical expansion starting May 19, 2018.  Renovation efforts shall include hazardous materials remediation, interior demolition of music and science classrooms, vertical building expansion to create new classrooms and a new location for the mechanical penthouse which will be demolished to allow for vertical construction.
  • Construction shall include new exterior wall, roofing, exterior glazing to match and complement the existing building design. Interior construction shall include new circulation stair, classroom build-out and finishes, upgraded ceilings in music rooms to improve sound, and new single occupant toilet rooms; the base project scope includes architectural upgrades for the music and science rooms at Washburn.  
  • Major renovation includes significant mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural and architectural tie-in requirements to the existing building.  The renovation shall address deficiencies as related capacity and enrollment by adding new classrooms and improving the condition of existing spaces. The work is primarily limited to the Northwest wing and portions of the Southwest wing of the building, which is adjacent to the surface parking at Washburn. Phased construction and new access routing will be done to assure safety and security during construction and to minimize impact (of noise, dust, vibration) to adjacent classrooms and building occupants.  

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change):

Design: Spring-Fall 2017

Procurement: Winter 2017

Pre-Construction: Spring 2018

Abatement: to start May 19, 2018

Demolition: to start May 19, 2018

Construction:  to start May 19, 2018

General Contractor: Graham

Completion: Start of school year 2018-19

July 25, 2018: construction progress

Scaffolding has been removed from one side of the new addition. Science rooms being completed.

July 19, 2018: construction progress