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Surplus Property
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District Properties For Sale or Lease

District Properties For Sale or Lease

Minneapolis Public Schools is soliciting proposals and promoting reuse opportunities for its surplus properties so that they once again serve as valuable assets for the Minneapolis community.

Sale or Lease of a Surplus Property

Requirements for an offer to be considered:

  • Intended use does not hinder MPS mission, goals, or operations.
  • An achievable and sustainable plan to execute proposed use exists, including sufficient funding committed to ensure a certificate of occupancy can be granted, if applicable.
  • Evidence of community support for intended use.
  • Intended use presents no obvious liability or expense for the district. Surplus facilities will be offered on an ‘as-is’ basis and no district investment will be provided.
  • Intended use would meet all city and other jurisdictional zoning and other requirements.
  • Support from the School Board Director who represents the geographic location of the real property or from at least one at-large School Board Director.

Priorities for an offer to be considered:

  • Intended use will contribute to MPS mission, goals, or operation.
  • Agreement includes a District right of first refusal and/or right to pre-approve a secondary sale or lease.
  • Intended use will provide direct services or supports for MPS students.
  • Intended use will create affordable housing and/or address homelessness.
  • Intended use will meet the goals of the City of Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan.
  • Interested party is a public entity.

Interested in Buying or Leasing a Surplus Property

  • Interested parties ensure the proposed use of the surplus property aligns with the requirements and priorities listed above. 
  • View the list of Currently Available Surplus Properties.
  • Complete the Surplus Property Interest form. Information including name and affliated organization will be shared publicly of all interested parties seeking the sale or lease of a surplus MPS property.
  • Letter of Intent
  • Purchase Offer
    • MPS will contract with a commercial real estate broker to solicit additional offers for a reasonable time period
    • School Board may meet in closed session to consider offers and/or develop counteroffers
    • School Board will vote at a public school board meeting, with public comment, to approver or deny the lease or sale