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South High School
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South High School

South High School

South High School is scheduled to undergo a renovation as outlined below. To receive periodic updates on project minestrones and other news, please sign up to receive e-alerts.

School Location: 3131 19th  Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Scope of Work

Due to the amount of work to be done, this project will be split in to three phases. 

Phase 1 - Completed 

There will be be a chiller plant replacement, alts for new water heaters, summer boiler, and urinal flush valve upgrades. This phase has been completed. 

Phase 2

Interior and exterior lighting replacement, with a focus on the cafeteria, the adjacent main stairs, the balcony, Special Education classrooms, and bathrooms. This will bring in natural daylight, and dimmable LED lighting to some of those areas. Other things to be replaced include the generator, concurrent locker replacements with trades, parking lot seal coats, traffic flow and sidewalk replacements, and expansion to enhance pedestrian safety. This phase is 95% completed. 

This project is in coordination with the upcoming art mural project at the South Entry and North Elevation, which is now completed!

Phase 3

Replacing key electrical backbone components for the building and main switchboard. 

Project Updates:

July 1, 2020: All phases in this project are now complete.  

April 3, 2020: Electrical work currently suspended until the buildings can be opened. No change in over all schedule known at this time. 

February 28, 2020: We are about 18% complete with Phase 3 of this project. Work continues replacing wiring, panels, and transformers. Work occurs during third shift, outside of school hours. 

December 12, 2019: Phase 3 will kick-off winter 2020.

September 30, 2019: Phase 1, chiller is complete. Phase two, the lighting is now being installed and is 95% complete.  

July 16, 2019: New lighting will be installed in July and chillers should be online the second week in August. No delays for school are expected. 

April, 2019: Summer construction with some lighting possibly extending outside of school hours into the fall. 

Project Schedule (subject to change):

Scope Approval- February 8, 2019

Phase 1 Bids- February 19, 2019- awarded March 12, 20199

Phase 2 Bids- March 19, 2019- awarded April 9, 2019

Phase 3 Bids- September 17, 2019

Phase 1 Construction - End of May - Early August

Phase 2 Construction- End of May - Early August 

Phase 3 Construction- November 2019

Completion- Early August 2020