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Bancroft Elementary
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Bancroft Elementary

Bancroft Elementary
Bancroft exterior image


Bancroft Elementary is being remodeled with a two-story addition off the south end of the current building and updates throughout the current building.

SCHOOL LOCATION: 1315 E. 38th St., Minneapolis, MN 55407


August 16, 2019: The project is in the final completion stage.

July 16, 2019: The project is waiting on final documents to have all work, including new additions, lighting and air conditioning for the project close.  

October 10, 2018: Project is substantially complete - some final interior finishes and minor items remain to do.  There will be some daytime construction that will not impact the learning environment.  Activity will also continue on evenings and weekends to complete these remaining items.

Playground work has been delayed due to weather and is now scheduled to be complete by end of October.  

August 24, 2018: Major mechanical equipment start-ups are occurring this week and the contractor anticipates to have cooling in the building this week.

There is a delay with some second floor bathrooms; alternative bathrooms are available and the contractor is working with staff on solutions.

The gymnasium flooring installation is underway and the gym is expected to be operational by school.  

The playground is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.  The area will be fenced off until completed. 

The parking lot paving is proceeding better than expected. The contractor anticipates half of the parking lot available by the first day of school.  

There will be ongoing daytime construction that is not impactful to the learning environment and activity will continue on evenings and weekends to complete the project. 

July 12, 2018: Finishing up final work in time for the first day of school. Installation of new playground may be completed after first day, possibly into September.

June 25, 2018: Painting and majority of flooring is virtually complete, except in the Media Center where work is underway and in the Gym where installation of wood flooring will start soon. Heavy equipment is onsite to work on sub-grading & finish grading for new play fields, site utilities and lighting, new irrigation system, retaining wall and parking lot. Demolition of all existing bathrooms for reconfiguration to individual toilet rooms. Installation of new air handling equipment & ductwork distribution system to provide forced air delivery of heated &/or conditioned air to all existing & new classrooms and other spaces, plus perimeter wall hot water heat. New energy efficient LED lighting as well as all new energy efficient heating and air conditioning controls system.  


  • New addition will house new kitchen, cafeteria, administrative suite/main office, kindergarten classrooms (2nd level), new media center and computer lab (2nd floor)
  • New gymnasium will replace outdoor courtyard in the middle of the building
  • For existing structure, new lighting and air conditioning will be installed throughout the buildings; all restrooms are being remodeled; floors will be refinished

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Construction:  Summer 2016

General Contractor: Shaw-Lundquist Associates

Completion: August 2018


Rendering of the cafeteria, gym, lobby and other features; additional cafeteria images

Images of the school's new exterior along with some exterior features

July 12, 2018: construction progress
May & June 2018: construction progress

New parking lot surfacing and interior images of 2-story addition.