South High School - Athletic Field

South High School - Athletic Field

South High School - Athletic Field

South High School is scheduled to undergo major improvements to its athletic fields as oultined below.

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Upgrade existing field and track area to new artificial turf field and 8-lane track, and replace certain field components that are beyond their lifecycle.  This project is limited to work on the athletic field/track only and excludes the existing concessions building.


School Site

South High School

3131 19th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Project Location

The field is located north of South High School and bounded by the following roads:


  • 30-1/2th  Street East (north)
  • 31st Street East (south)
  • 19th Avenue South (west)
  • 21st Avenue South (east)


Scope of Work

Synthetic turf playing surface, track (eight lane optimal) and field improvements, lights, and bleachers.  Other potential amenities include scoreboard, press box, and sound system.


Project Budget

  • $3,149,709 - Construction Budget
  • $4,171,800 - Project Budget


These amounts include the MPS approved bonded amount of $3,796,800 and the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program Grant of $375,000.  Both the project and construction budgets need to be maintained.



  • Apr 2017 - Board Approval of FY18 Capital Budget
  • Nov 2017 - Minnesota BOE Approval of FY18 Capital Budget
  • Dec 2017 - Topographic Survey Completed
  • Dec 2017 - RFP 18-11 for A/E Services is Posted
  • Jan 2018 - RFP 18-11 Responses Received
  • Feb 2018 - Design Consultant Selected
  • Mar 2018 - Public Engagement
  • May 2018 - Design Completed
  • Jun 2018 - MPS Board Approves Construction Contract
  • Jun 2018 - Construction Begins
  • Dec 2018 - Substantial Completion


Note:  The milestones above are based upon information available as of Feb 2 2018.  As new information becomes available, these milestones will be updated.



  • None are available at this time. 
  • Preliminary layouts that had been in April 2017 will be considered by the project design team.



Q:     Is the budget final?

A:      Yes.  The budget numbers listed above are the maximums.


Q:     Will there be a channel for public input?

A:      As the project proceeds, the scope and budget will be better understood.  In 2017, a budget estimate was presented to the MPS Board.  As the project proceeds through phases of design, the scope and project estimate will and come into sharper focus.  In March 2018, public members will be asked to serve on a Project Review Committee.  This Committee will have a chance to express their concerns about the scope and budget.  After the construction bids are received, the construction budget for the approved design is realized.


Q:     What is the project schedule?

A:      Based on discussions with industry experts, MPS anticipates the athletic filed will be ready for use by Dec 2018, and it is possible that some construction will need be put on hold until spring because of detrimental weather.  There are always unforeseen design and construction issues that will need to be understood and mitigated.


Q:     Has an infill material for the synthetic turf been determined?

A:      It is being considered, but has not been finalized.


Q:     Will the track be an 8-lane track?

A:      The desire is for an 8 lane track.  The project footprint cannot be expanded.  The design team will assess and finalize the layout before construction begins.


Q:     How can I find out about the project?

A:      Information will be posted as it becomes available to this MPS website and by signing up to receive email alerts.


PDF DRAFT - Field color   --  03.09.18
PDF DRAFT - Site Plan   --  03.09.18