School Safety Grants
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School Safety Grants

School Safety Grants

At the end of the 2018 legislative session, Governor Dayton signed school safety grants into law. These grants will be managed and awarded by Minnesota Department of Education. Funding is available to all Minnesota school districts, charter schools, intermediate districts, cooperatives enrolling students, the Perich Center for Arts Education, and the State Academies. Half of the grants will be awarded to school districts in the 11 county metropolitan area.

Grants may be used to predesign, design, construct, furnish, and equip school facilities for improvements related to violence prevention and facility security for qualifying school buildings. This includes renovating and expanding existing building and facilities.

The Grants Office, working in conjunction with the Operations Division, have coordinated and submitted grant applications for all MPS schools. The two offices developed a strategy in order to maximize the potential grants awarded to Minneapolis Public Schools. Operations Division has taken a leadership role in the application process because the Capital Planning, Construction and Maintenance (Facilities) department is responsible for maintaining MPS’ Stewardship Policy.

Our Strategy:

Applications will be submitted for all school sites for updated or new door alarms, improvement of entrances and interconnected communication systems.

A selection of school applications included updated or new PA systems, in addition to items listed above

A selection of school applications also included collocating the office and entrance, in addition to items listed above.

Our strategy was developed based on the MDE guidelines set forth in the grant application instructions in which high priority projects will be awarded before low priority projects. All applications listed above qualify as high priority projects. Grant award is scheduled to occur this fall. Grants are awarded based on a lottery method. Schools will be notified if their grant application is selected.