Loring Elementary
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Loring Elementary

Loring Elementary

Loring Elementary School -  is scheduled to undergo a renovation and expansion starting as outlined below. To received periodic updates on project milestones and other news please sign up to receive e-alerts.

SCHOOL LOCATION: 2600 North 44th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55412


It is possible that project scope items, not included in the Project Scope below, will be known at the commencement of project design or become apparent during design to one or more of the multiple stakeholders who may be represented on the Project Steering Committee and Project Review Committee. Some of these additional scope items will be desirable on their own merits, but may not be possible due to project construction budget. Therefore, discipline on the part of the Consultant will be expected to focus on Project Scope identified below, while also documenting and, if requested, reviewing such items for possible inclusion in this project scope in lieu of scope defined below, or in future District capital projects.

Accordingly, not all of the Building Context information contained herein will be applicable to project scope, but it is intended to inform the design process such that, at the conclusion of construction, the existing building is better positioned for:

  • current and future instructional activities; and
  • additional capital investment that might be funded in future capital plans.


Provide building cooling, upgrade lunchroom and kitchen facilities to reflect current District food service operations, and enhance student safety through the relocation of the school office and redesign of the main building entrance. Replace certain building systems that are beyond their system lifecycle.

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Project Phase Anticipated Completion Date
Design contract approval March 13, 2018
Project Design Spring/Summer 2018
Receive Bids Fall 2018
Pre Construction Activities Winter/Spring 2019
Construction Begins Spring 2019