Loring Elementary
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Loring Elementary

Loring Elementary

Loring Community School is scheduled to undergo a renovation and expansion starting as outlined below. To received periodic updates on project milestones and other news please sign up to receive e-alerts.

SCHOOL LOCATION: 2600 North 44th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55412


July 9, 2018: Construction work at Loring Community School is in the design phase and we have selected a General Contractor, Adolfson & Peterson Construction, to work with our Architecture and Engineering team at LHB on the design. We anticipate beginning light work outside of the building as early as August 1, 2018 that will include: installing a permiter fence to mark construction areas, removing some concrete walkways, and removing the Maple tree that is between Door #9 and the playground. We looked at many ways to save the Maple tree and, in the end, we chose the design option that provides a safe and welcoming entrance to the school and allows for adequate administration space near that entrance. We will plant a new tree to replace the Maple that will be lost. Although construction on the building will not begin until the ground thaws in late winter/early spring of 2019, we are installing this site work to facilitate the start of construction and minimize changes during the school year. 


Provide building cooling, upgrade lunchroom and kitchen facilities to reflect current District food service operations, and enhance student safety through the relocation of the school office and redesign of the main building entrance. Replace certain building systems that are beyond their system lifecycle.

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Design Contract Approval: March 13, 2018

Design: Spring / Summer 2018

Site Preparation: August, 2018

Pre-Construction: Winter / Spring 2019

Construction:  Spring 2019

General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Completion: Substantial completion phase 1 in August, 2019, phase 2 in August, 2020