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Jefferson Community School
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Jefferson Community School is scheduled to undergo major renovations to its building and parking lot as outlined below.

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SCHOOL LOCATION: 1200 26th St. W., Minneapolis, MN. 55405


June 20, 2018: Establishing new entrance to building and moving main office to new entrance. Renovating air conditioning over summer months.


  • Air conditioning installed throughout the building.
  • Main entrance will be moved from the south side to the northwest corner of the building. Currently, the official main entrance is off 26th street (south side) which is closest to the main office, but door #5 on the northwest corner is more frequently used as a main entrance due to proximity to the upper parking lot. As a result, the school’s main entrance will be moved to be closer to door #5.
  • New main entrance will have an awning and promenade to serve as primary student pick up/drop off point.
  • Parking lot will be graded and sloped to remedy the current steep drop off. The adjustments to the drop off will allow for student bus pick up/drop off on school grounds instead of Emerson Ave. and 26th Street. A driveway loop will be added for easy student pick up/drop off.
  • Old smokestack, boiler room and coal room will be removed.

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Construction:  Winter 2017 / Spring 2018 

General Contractor: Morcon Construction

Completion: August 2019