Emerson Spanish Immersion

Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center is scheduled to undergo a renovation and expansion starting as outlined below. To received periodic updates on project milestones and other news please sign up to receive e-alerts.

SCHOOL LOCATION: 21421 Spruce Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403


For planning purposes, the Emerson building is classified as a K5-3K building, a building appropriate for a PK-5 program with three full-day kindergarten classes and enrolling approximately 480 students. The K5-3K building prototype seeks a building with approximately 69,320 SF and 25 classrooms. The actual instructional program may vary from the program prototype employed for general facility planning.


Upgrade lunchroom and kitchen facilities to reflect current District food service operations, and enhance student safety through the relocation of the school office and redesign of the main building entrance. Replace certain building systems that are beyond their system lifecycle.

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Project Phase Anticipated Completion Date
Design contract approval March 13, 2018
Project Design Spring/Summer 2018
Receive Bids Fall 2018
Pre Construction Activities Winter/Spring 2019
Construction Begins Spring 2019