Bancroft Elementary
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Bancroft Elementary

Bancroft Elementary
Bancroft exterior image


Bancroft Elementary is being remodeled with a two-story addition off the south end of the current building and updates throughout the current building.

See below for more details on the timeline, scope of work and site and floor plans.

SCHOOL LOCATION: 1315 E. 38th St., Minneapolis, MN 55407


information coming soon


  • New addition will house new kitchen, cafeteria, administrative suite/main office, kindergarten classrooms (2nd level), new media center and computer lab (2nd floor)
  • New gymnasium will replace outdoor courtyard in the middle of the building
  • For existing structure, new lighting and air conditioning will be installed throughout the buildings; all restrooms are being remodeled; floors will be refinished

PROJECT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Construction:  Summer 2016

General Contractorinformation coming soon

Completion: Fall 2018


Images of the cafeteria, gym, lobby and other features; additional cafeteria images

Images of the school's new exterior along with some exterior features

Bancroft Construction Progress

Foundation being dug out and established for Bancroft's new 2-story addition off the south end of the current building (spring 2017).