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Design and Construction
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Design and Construction
Design and Construction

The Design and Construction Division of the Facilities Department is its construction arm. Whenever a project develops it is the responsibility of D&C to hire architects and engineers to design the project and then to contract that project. Most of the projects develop out of district or Facilities initiatives. However, some projects are brought forth by the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) or other public entity cooperative ventures.

D&C embraces the Quality Based Selection System (QBS) when selecting consultants. The thrust of this system is that the selection is based on credentials and expertise and fee is discussed only after the selection of the best-qualified firm. If D&C cannot reach agreement of fees with the selected firm, then we proceed to the second ranked firm and so on. This system is supported by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as well as the consulting Engineers Council.

During all phases of a project, the architect is responsible to the owner's representative who is the Manager, Design and Construction or his delegated representative.


  • Pre-Design - Develop the scope or program and a working budget.
  • Schematic Design - Drawings that represent scale and relationships.
  • Design Development - The finalized drawings describing the size and character of a project as well as a statement of probably construction cost.
  • Construction Documents - the drawings and specifications necessary for bidding.
  • Bid Period - When bids are advertised, received, evaluated and award of a contract for construction is made.
  • Construction - When the project is built.
  • Warranty Period - the contractors warranty the project for one year from "substantial completion".

The following documents help define the process and result in the final product of the Design and Construction Division, "Building Excellence."

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